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Boss Matka Is Best Online Betting Game So Far

When betting word is heard, a cricket ground, a bookie or a mobile screen with colorfully written words like WINS, RUNS comes to one’s mind. Kalyan Matka is popular in India as well as abroad. A lot of Indians bet on cricket, some on horse racing, and others on football. An online sports betting is round the clock affair. It was a past story when people ran to the betting shops to place a bet.


“Popular” word is an understatement


People love betting. They can’t play on the field but their love for their favorite game makes these online portals massively popular. People bet on T20 cricket, football league matches, ODI’s. These online websites have tips also, and also encourages them to make false teams and play online.


Thousands of sites are available when the word “Boss Matka” is typed. There are various sports betting sites at the end of your fingertips. According to the statistics available, the percentage of people involved in betting online in 2005 was more than 1.6 billion. It was also found that around 4.2 billion people have put on bets at some point in their lives.


Laws and online betting


A lot of people worry about how legal is online betting in India. They always question that does the law permit this. Every soul who can’t stop betting should be well aware of how risky things can turn out. But everyone is not aware that all the legal issues are covered in the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This law is older than more than 150 years. And a country leaning on this law is not right and relevant.


Implication of law


India’s gambling laws rely on outdated laws. And the penalty evoked is relatively small i.e.₹200 and/or 3 months of prison. When we talk about betting, people argue that a lot of skill is needed to strike the right deal. Only luck works in sports betting (just like poker and blackjack) is a lie. The government finds it illegal and declares it a grey area. Half of about 60 billion dollars that are involved in betting are transferred through illegal means. For gamble lovers, one thing in India is good that the government allows each state to determine their own gambling laws. So it makes Goa and Sikkim the gambling capitals. Here, an offline bet can be placed on sports.


How to win



Boss Matka



Although online betting is illegal in India, a lot of people are involved in this business. Facing hurdles also can’t deter them from living their passion. The risks and hurdles include depositing the money in your name, finding genuine websites, to beware of frauds. Win or lose is your skill as well as luck but getting caught can be unlucky. Always gambling offline can be 100% secured. Also, bet on cricket online by being sure that you have chosen a trustworthy bookie, and preferably one that accepts the banking method you want to use. Statistics reveal that not a single person is sent to jail for this crime till date.